Oil absorbent Roll
August 24, 2020
Oil Suction Rod
August 24, 2020

Oil absorbent rope


型 号


规 格


包 装 数 量

Packing Quantity


Oil absorption capacity


7.6cm x 1.2m

12 条/包



≥ 60 L/pack


12.7cm x 3m

4 条/包

4 pieces/package


≥ 100 L/pack


20cm x 3m

4 条/包

4 pieces/package


≥ 150 L/pack

1. The oil absorption cable is cylindrical and long, which is a containment product and effectively prevents the diffusion of oil products.

2. Generally, it is used together with oil absorbing tablet products.

Oil-absorbing rope (oil-absorbing stick) made of lipophilic material, the interior is composed of superfine oil-absorbing cotton wool sheets and fibers, like hoses and long strips, which can be used for corners, uneven surfaces and workplaces to prevent and absorb oil substances from overflowing. It is suitable for chemical plants, heavy industry, light industry manufacturing, transportation, printing industry and automobile maintenance industry, and can also be used for absorbing leakage and infiltration in production workshops and their surroundings.