Oil absorbent felt
August 24, 2020
Oil absorbent Roll
August 24, 2020

Oil absorbent pad


型 号


规 格


厚 度


包 装 数 量

Packing Quantity


Oil absorption capacity


40cm x 50cm


200 片/包

200 pcs/pack


≥ 100 L/pack


40cm x 50cm


100 片/包

100 pcs/pack


≥ 80 L/packet


40cm x 50cm


100 片/包

100 pcs/pack


≥ 100 L/pack

1.-B: The surface of oil-absorbing cotton is treated by ultrasonic composite pressure point to effectively prevent wool loss. It can not only absorb oil from the water surface, but also be used as a wiping and bedding table.

2, high strength, good wear resistance, easy recovery and multiple use.

Application field:

The oil absorbent pad is suitable for cleaning, containment and prevention of any area where oil and chemicals may leak, including any place where leaking liquid needs to be removed, such as manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical industry, marine emergency rescue, ports, aviation, fire fighting, medical industry, energy and electricity industry, environmental protection bureau, army, food processing industry, etc
1. Industrial manufacturing is used in all places where liquid leakage or oil and chemicals storage and distribution may occur, including warehouse areas, around machines and pipelines, near oil tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, under planes, worktables, etc.
2. Automobile, aircraft and train manufacturing plants, plastic plants, injection molding plants, mold plants, steel plants, machinery plants, metal processing plants, oil refining plants, oil companies, shipyards, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper mills, optical fiber plants, cable plants, oil/chemical storage companies, oil refineries, oil depots, environmental cleaning companies, leakage prevention contractors, fire prevention departments, energy and electricity, etc.
3. Maritime oil spill emergency rescue, ports and docks, coastal defense, shipping ships, fire prevention departments, environmental cleaning companies, emergency centers, laboratories, schools, hospitals, disease control centers, power supply departments, military institutions, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, automobile repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus, aviation, fire fighting, etc.
4. Other service industries, public and private service industries are also the main users of oil-absorbing cotton, such as power supply departments, military institutions, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, airport and airline service institutions, car repair, etc.

Usage Features:

1. Large oil absorption (15 to 40 times dead weight)
2. Fast oil absorption (in minutes)
3. Suspensible, suitable for industrial and marine use
4. Clean, light and fast
5. After adsorbing that leak liquid, it can be reused after extrusion, thus saving money.
6. Chemical reactions are not easy to occur (chemical resistance).
7. It will not decompose or deteriorate, is safe and environment-friendly, does not support combustion, does not rot or mold.
8. It can be incinerated or mixed with fuel, and only 0.02% of the ash from high-temperature incineration remains.
9. It does not contain dust and abrasive particles, and will not affect the normal operation of the equipment and damage expensive equipment.