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With the world's water resources continuously shrinking, our mission is to provide products to immediately eliminate the possible oil and chemical pollution problems in the world's oceans, rivers, reservoirs, etc. and to avoid a repeat of the ecological catastrophe caused by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The main products are:

  1. Oil Absorbent: Solid float type PVC oil containment boom is an economical and universal oil containment boom, which is used to intercept oil spill and other floating objects on the water surface, and is especially suitable for long-term deployment on the water surface.
  2. Chemical Absorbent Series: Chemical absorbent cotton (chemical absorbent cotton) can deal with leaked chemicals, and is suitable for chemical containers, laboratories and factory workshops, etc.,
  3. General Absorbent Series: Mostly used in sewers, inspection wells, trenches and other inconvenient environment
  4. Oil Containment: Solid float type rubber oil containment boom is a necessary equipment used to contain oil spill, domestic garbage or other floating objects in various water areas and prevent their diffusion.
  5. Oil Dispersant: Spray appropriate amount of oil spill dispersant on the surface of dirty oil. After the oil spill dispersant fully penetrates into the oil stain, rinse it with water
  6. Industrial Wipe: It can be laid on the road surface, under the machine or where dripping is easy to occur

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