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Suzhou Taiyong Material Technology is a professional manufacturer and supplier of industrial oil spill and leak accident treatment and factory cleaning products. We focus on emergency treatment of various oil and chemical spills, drips and spills.

Suzhou Taiyong Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou City, half an hour's drive from Shanghai. The Company specializes in producing and selling oil spill adsorption products: oil containment booms, oil absorption felt, oil absorption rolls, oil absorption ropes, oil absorption towing booms, oil absorption ropes, oil dispersant, etc., which are sold well in domestic docks, government agencies, gas stations, drilling platforms, fish ponds, mechanical processing industries, etc.


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How to change the right PVC reinforced plastic?

The upper, middle and lower ridge ropes are respectively provided, and the reinforcing belt and the counterweight chain are longitudinal stress element, which makes that skirt body of the oil containment boom form an underwater oil stagnant concave surface in the water flow, and the flexible section of the oil containment boom forms a concave surface with oil stagnation on water

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With the world's water resources continuously shrinking, our mission is to provide products to immediately eliminate the possible oil and chemical pollution problems in the world's oceans, rivers, reservoirs, etc. and to avoid a repeat of the ecological catastrophe caused by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico